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The average person in modern society fills their home with dangerous chemicals, often unaware that they are doing so. Their cabinets, pantries, and refrigerators are full of processed foods that contain cancer-causing chemicals and harmful ingredients. The majority of these foods are saturated with the chemical glyphosate, which has been linked in studies to several illnesses. Under the kitchen sink, and in their bathrooms, they store beauty products, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, detergents, and toiletries that are toxic. They do not add filters to their faucets or shower heads. Quite often, the water they consume is bottled and contains added ingredients. They use chewing gum, colognes, deodorants, and perfumes to cover up odors that are reflective of a backed-up digestive system, and poor bowel health. These cover-ups are also contaminated with industrial chemicals. They apply lip balms that contain parabens – which are strongly associated with breast cancer – to moisten their lips that are chapped from being deficient of essential nutrients. They coat their bodies with lotions that are saturated with chemicals. When Spring arrives, they are quick to spray their lawn with more chemicals. In Summer, they coat their skin with suntan lotions out of fear that the sun will give them skin cancer. In reality, it is the chemicals lurking in sunscreens and suntan lotions that are causing cancer. If sick, or ill, most people have a cupboard devoted to medicine which they label as the medicine cabinet. These pills and medicines are simply concoctions of more chemicals.


This is the reality of our modern society. We are a chemical-nation. Sadly, cancer, depression, and an array of other illnesses are closely associated with chemical exposure. For the standard citizen, it is not common to be aware of the chemicals they are exposed to simply from drinking, eating, and maintaining normal hygiene. These chemicals sedate them, make them more passive, and contribute to depression and other health conditions. It is important to do everything you can to remove chemicals from your home and avoid chemical exposure at all costs.


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