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The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine


Shortly after publication in late 2012, The Raw Cure became a raw food bible for thousands of readers passionate about this healthy lifestyle.


Using medical studies and reliable scientific research, the author provides strong evidence throughout the book that the link between nutrition and disease is more paramount than we once believed it to be.


In the contents you will learn why the majority of food being served to us is not safe for consumption. You will be introduced to healthy alternatives. You will learn how the food industry is connected to the medical industry, and why the food chemicals being added to the food supply are triggering an onslaught of health conditions and chronic diseases. You will unearth life saving information that could help activate the natural healing mechanisms in your body required for reversing your ailments.


You are going to be surprised to find out how easily you can turn gene cells on and off, and why it is not wise to blame your misfortunes on genetics. You will awaken to the truth that has been hidden from you for decades.


By educating yourself with the information provided in these pages, you will adapt to a new way of life, take back your health, and discover that sickness is not inevitable. You are responsible for your well-being.


Please access this review from Plant Powered Living.

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