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September 16, 2014



The National Thyroid Institute declares that millions of Americans suffer from hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. The cause of the two conditions is said to be unknown, and the medical industry does not provide a cure, only offers treatments using synthetic thyroid chemicals. What many are not aware of is the direct link between fluoride and the altering of thyroid function. The National Research Council of the National Academies released a report in 2006, stating, “Fluoride is an endocrine disruptor in the broad sense of altering normal endocrine function.” Thyroid dysfunction is considered the most prevalent of all endocrine diseases in the U.S. The thyroid gland maintains the body’s overall metabolic rate. When its function is altered, metabolism is disrupted. Because fluoride changes the function of the thyroid gland, if you are having thyroid issues, it is important to avoid tap water, certain teas, non-organic or conventional grapes (including wine), coffee (even decaf), and dental procedures that require the use of fluoride.


An article in Food and Toxicology, published in 2003, clarifies that tea plants accumulate fluoride in their leaves. In general, the oldest tea leaves contain the most fluoride. According to the Organic Consumer’s Association, California grape growers use cryolite to control two insects that can devastate vineyards. Cryolite is a naturally occurring inorganic substance; however, it contains an aminofluoride ion. Researchers from California State University in Fresno conducted a 5 year study from 1990-1994 on vineyards throughout the San Joaquin Valley. They found, “Multiple applications of cryolite during the growing season significantly increased fluoride levels in wines.” Coffee is also known to contain high amounts of fluoride because of the pesticides used on the leaves. This helps to explain the rise in thyroid issues.


Poor thyroid function may not solely be contributed to fluoride poisoning, it could also stem from a chemical that is used to treat flour during processing known as bromide. Because of this, whenever you are dealing with any type of issue involving the endocrine (glandular) system, it is important to give up all foods that contain flours, especially bleached flours. This chemical is also applied to conventional crops that are imported in the form of methyl bromide. Garlic is a crop that is commonly sprayed with this chemical. A report published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology in 1993 suggests, “An increase in bromide potentiates an increase in thyroid stimulating hormone, thus affecting thyroid function.” When this hormone is over-stimulated, the function of the thyroid is disrupted.


An analogy I will use to help explain why bromide has an effect on the thyroid gland carries us over to the problem with cigarette smoking and why people get addicted. Chemically, the nicotine in cigarettes is almost identical to nicotinic acid, niacin, and niacinamide. These four compounds form a subgroup which is related to vitamin B3 (niacin). When a person smokes, they ingest nicotine, which occupies the vitamin B3 receptor site. Because of this, they often become deficient in vitamin B3. As a result, they may crave B3 while tricking the body into believing they are obtaining sufficient amounts of this vitamin from cigarettes because of nicotine's false occupancy of the receptor site.


The thyroid gland relies on iodine to function healthfully. It is the primary fuel for the gland, just like glucose is the primary fuel for the brain. Iodine is an essential compound for the thyroid to function at its optimal level. Iodine happens to be nearly identical, chemically, to another compound known as "bromide." Just like the body uses nicotine as B3 because of its occupation of the B3 receptor site, the body also mistakenly processes bromide as iodine when ingested because it falsely occupies the iodine receptor site in the thyroid. When these receptor sites in the thyroid are pre-occupied by bromide, an adequate amount of iodine will not be absorbed.


Many flour products contain bromide, which is added during the treatment process. After it is added, the flours are used to make bread and dough. Pizza is one of the worst foods to eat when one has a thyroid condition because of the doughy bread. If you want to improve your thyroid condition, you must eliminate all foods that contain flour. This does not mean you can never eat bread again. You can make your own sprouted bread using a dehydrator or purchase oil-free sprouted grain breads in the refrigerated section of your natural foods store. Avoid sprouted breads containing wheat gluten. Be sure to check for gluten grains in the ingredients label and avoid those products.


Maca is an endocrine boosting food, and adding it to your smoothies could be helpful for treating a thyroid condition. Try taking one daily teaspoon of organic maca powder, accompanied by eating two to four tablespoons of organic virgin raw coconut oil, whether as a dressing or in a smoothie. Add a handful or two of goji berries, some watercress, and organic kelp powder for the iodine boost. A couple of tablespoons of raw organic hemp seeds, freshly ground flaxseed meal, or purslane can be beneficial for the omega-3 content. Eating a handful or two of raw organic walnuts The body uses the omega-3s to create DHA, which can also improve thyroid conditions.


In addition to constituents in our diet affecting the thyroid, chemical cleaning agents are also known disruptors. Two chemicals in particular that impact the thyroid gland are triclosan and triclocarban – both found primarily in antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers. While so many people are quick to kill bacteria and germs that they mistakenly think are going to sicken them, in reality the chemicals they are using to assure cleanliness are the culprits for vast amounts of health problems. A 2007 article in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, Consumer Antibacterial Soaps: Effective or Just Risky?, concludes that antibacterial soaps show no health benefits over plain soaps. In 2010, the FDA stated, “Existing data raise valid concerns about the health effects of repetitive daily human exposure to triclosan.” Additionally, in December 2013, the FDA announced,“The record does not currently contain sufficient data to show that there is any additional benefit from the use of consumer antiseptic hand or body washes compared to non-antibacterial soap and water.” A better option for avoiding sickness would be removing foods that contain harmful pathogens from your kitchen, and keeping your internal organs healthy. Foods that contain harmful pathogens are meat, dairy, and eggs. If you are preparing food in your kitchen and to clean the surface areas where the food was prepared requires the use of bleach and chemical cleaning agents in order to sanitize, then these foods certainly should not be going into your body. Try eating more raw organic fruits and vegetables which do not require the use of harmful chemicals to sanitize. A good probiotic source is more beneficial than an antibiotic.


Results obtained from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data suggest that seventy-five percent of Americans have triclosan or triclocarban present in their bodies. These chemicals are regularly found in pregnant women, their umbilical cord blood, and in breast milk, and are documented in several studies to be associated with adverse health effects. Side effects from triclosan and triclocarban exposure include: skin irritation, endocrine disruption, and bacterial and compounded antibiotic resistance. A 2007 Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology article, Exposure to the Water Contaminant Triclosan: Evidence for Disruption of Thyroxine, explains, “Triclosan has been associated with lower levels of thyroid hormone and testosterone. Specifically, triclosan decreases circulating levels of thyroxine hormone (T4) by increasing glucuronidase enzyme activity, which catabolizes T4 and other thyroid hormones.” This very well could explain why thyroid issues are so common today. Because this chemical is also consumed by livestock, drinking cow's milk and eating flesh foods are not recommended. These foods seriously impact the endocrine system.


I am not a medical doctor, but if I were told that I had a thyroid condition, I would immediately eliminate flesh foods, dairy, flours, gluten, caffeine, processed foods, and fluoridated water from my diet, and replace them with optimal organic plant-based foods and distilled water. I would remove antibacterial soaps and other harmful chemical cleaning agents from my home, and go in for lymphatic massages to stimulate my lymph fluid and keep it moving, administer enemas with organic liquid chlorophyll and organic kelp powder, and spend a lot of time in an infrared sauna.


Jesse J. Jacoby ©2012 & 2014 (Excerpt from The Raw Cure)

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