Animal Products Should Be Removed From The Menu

May 1, 2014

Philip Wollen started the Kindness Trust fund ( He funds projects and organizations that bring kindness to our world. At the age of thirty-four, Philip became the Vice President of Citibank. By the age of forty, after visiting a factory farm where animals are slaughtered, he resigned, and put his money and energy towards ending the factory farming industry, and enriching us with compassion. He is well known for this speech he delivered at the St. James Ethics Debate, where he argues for the removal of animal products from our menus.


Mr. Wollen devotes his life to animals, children, the environment, the terminally ill, the homeless, and the arts. He supports over 500 humanitarian projects in over forty countries with schools, orphanages, shelters, sanctuaries, clinics, and scholarships. We need more leaders like him.

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